Snapchat for the Enterprise


Two of the biggest trends in corporate IT today are BYOD—the “bring your own device” preference of employees who want to use their own phones and tablets at work—and software delivered as a service (SaaS). But those two trends are creating a huge security headache for companies. And  no one, to date, … Read More »

Software Entrepreneur’s Playbook: Don’t Make the Mobile Web a Stepchild


Today’s business-software entrepreneurs must start out mobile-first, building an elegant, simple mobile app before dealing with the desktop. (It’s a topic I wrote about in a previous “Playbook” post.) And while it’s always preferable to access a product via a company-specific, mobile app--instead of … Read More »

Software Entrepreneur’s Playbook: Skip the Sales Team. Go Freemium to Build a $1 Billion Business


Can you build a billion-dollar enterprise software company without a sales force? Today, not only is that possible, it’s preferable – at least for some types of software companies. Take the software development tools company Atlassian. Without a single salesperson, Atlassian has acquired over 25, … Read More »